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At DeaLab Group we create and develop visions for our portfolio projects and companies by evaluating many opportunities and developing effective alternatives to best meet those projects and companies’ needs. We utilize our extensive experience, ongoing financial and business involvement and our ability to bring innovative ideas to a traditionally uninventive environment.

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+ Structure & Approach
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Create Vision & Develop Strategy

We deliver to our portfolio projects and companies the best alternatives to maximize value and ensure they execute their strategic business plans. We provide fresh ideas and work closely with our projects and companies to ensure successful completion. DeaLab Group creates vision and develops strategy in our portfolio projects and companies by:

  • Determining business objectives and needs
  • Developing short-term and long-term strategic plans
  • Formulating global business plans
  • Identifying, evaluating and approaching strategic partners
  • Evaluating optimal alternatives and international options
  • Creating comprehensive programs and tailored solutions
  • Implementing effective action plan with realistic milestones
  • Structuring and negotiating terms and conditions
  • Providing necessary financing
  • Assessing post-project and transaction issues

We add value to our portfolio projects and companies by developing and implementing strategies such as:

  • Cross Border Partnerships
  • Joint Ventures and Strategic Alliances
  • Business and Project Developments
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