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At DeaLab Group we create and develop visions for our portfolio projects and companies by evaluating many opportunities and developing effective alternatives to best meet those projects and companies’ needs. We utilize our extensive experience, ongoing financial and business involvement and our ability to bring innovative ideas to a traditionally uninventive environment.

+ Vision & Strategy
+ Structure & Approach
+ Capital & Execution


Raise Capital & Execute Vision

Capital is an imperative catalyst for companies to achieve their strategic goals and growth objectives. Without appropriate capital, even the best businesses can fall short. We arrange, structure and place debt and equity financing for our portfolio projects and companies growth strategies, acquisitions, joint ventures and buy-outs. We have an excellent understanding of the capital marketplace and raise capital for such transactions from leading private equity, venture capital and corporate investors as well as traditional commercial and mortgage banks.
We have compiled, systemized and integrated one of the best and most comprehensive databases of financing sources in North America, Europe and Asia which gives us a sophisticated understanding of these organizations’ criteria, structure and culture. Our relationships and strategic affiliations with premier debt and equity capital providers keep us abreast of international money flow and fresh funds. DeaLab Group establishes structure and determines approach in our portfolio projects and companies by:

  • Determining optimal mix of capital for transactions
  • Identifying and soliciting several sources for each type of capital
  • Negotiating financing terms, conditions and deal structures
  • Preparing memorandums and offerings
  • Filing necessary paperwork with regulatory agencies
  • Marketing and securing financing from new shareholders
  • Conducting business, financial and operational due diligence
  • Creating comprehensive financing proposals
  • Performing detailed financial projections
  • Structuring and placing debt and equity capital
  • Assessing post- project and transaction performances

We write comprehensive Information, Offering and Financing Memorandums for our portfolio projects and companies, which include detailed discussions of the industry and the transaction for among others:

  • Acquisition Financing
  • Private Equity Financing
  • Project Financing
  • Joint Venture Financing
  • Buy-out and Buy-in Financing
  • Lease Financing


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