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At DeaLab Group we create and develop visions for our portfolio projects and companies by evaluating many opportunities and developing effective alternatives to best meet those projects and companies’ needs. We utilize our extensive experience, ongoing financial and business involvement and our ability to bring innovative ideas to a traditionally uninventive environment.

+ Vision & Strategy
+ Structure & Approach
+ Capital & Execution


Determine Approach & Establish Structure

We bring to our portfolio projects and companies combined in-depth knowledge of management, finance and operations as well as industry experience and expertise. We ensure that our projects and companies objectives and milestones are fully achieved. DeaLab Group establishes structure and determines approach in our portfolio projects and companies by:

  • Raising and placing necessary financing
  • Developing merger, acquisition, divestiture and sale strategies
  • Identifying and approaching suitable targets
  • Formulating valuation and marketability
  • Negotiating and selecting potential candidates
  • Proposing restructuring and recapitalization alternatives
  • Preparing contractual and offering documents
  • Performing business, financial and competitive due diligence
  • Negotiating deal structure and contractual agreements
  • Providing complete investment assessment
  • Evaluating alternative proposals and terms
  • Assessing post- project and transaction synergies

We develop and structure acquisition strategies and identify potential target companies in accordance with our portfolio projects and companies specified criteria, typically involving:

  • Mergers and Acquisitions
  • Consolidations
  • Divestitures and Private Sales
  • Restructurings and Recapitalizations


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